Types Of Medical Negligence Claim More Varied Than Most Think

Medical negligence claims are on the rise and there are many more people coming forward than ever before with horror stories and worrying tales of how they have been misdiagnosed or given incorrect treatment by their doctors. However, these are just two forms of medical negligence. Other cases where patients could potentially have a case to claim compensation from healthcare providers and healthcare institutions include the prescribing of incorrect medication and even incidents where patients become addicted to prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs do typically come with side effects. Certain drugs, such as codeine based painkillers are highly addictive and guidelines and limits are set so that patients are less likely to become addicted to the drug. Where it can be proven that a doctor or other healthcare provider continued to prescribe addictive drugs, leading to addiction on the part of the patient, it may also be possible to claim compensation.

One campaigner, Barry Haslam, has taken his fight against prescription addiction to Westminster and a meeting with the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham. My Haslam himself was addicted to prescription drugs and, having beaten the problem, he has campaigned to ensure that others are not able to fall so easily into the same trap.

Injuries resulting from botches procedures will usually carry the possibility of compensation. Unfortunately, incidents such as the removal of the wrong limb or incorrect organ do happen. Thankfully, these incidents are the exception rather than the rule but if they do occur then compensation will usually be awarded according to the type and severity of injury or illness caused, the cost of care over the rest of the victim’s life, and the total amount of earnings that the victim will suffer.

Patients that feel they have suffered at the hands of medical negligence are able to make a claim against the healthcare provider or institution that failed them. It is necessary to prove negligence and loss in order for the claim to be ultimately successful. It is also important to enlist the help of a professional and experienced medical negligence solicitor in order to have the greatest chance of winning a compensation claim.

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