Deafness and hearing problems can have a major impact on your way and quality of life. Modifications to your home will often be required and you may need additional assistance with some everyday tasks. If you have suffered deafness as a result of excessive noise in the workplace or because of some form of accident or incident and it wasn’t your fault then you may have the right to claim for compensation. Stockslegal can help progress your claim to secure suitable compensation for your injury.

Causes Of Deafness

There are, of course, many reasons why a person goes deaf. Some people are born deaf while even seemingly innocuous ear infections can ultimately lead to some loss of hearing. Self-inflicted injuries may also lead to deafness while assault victims and victims of other types of accident may also experience a loss of hearing in one or both ears. Industrial deafness is the name that is given to deafness caused by an excessive noise level in the workplace.

Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness will usually come on gradually as you are continually exposed to loud and potentially damaging noises. Symptoms may start out as a ringing in the ears or muted hearing but over time, and left without adequate treatment or prevention of further damage, the problem can be greatly exacerbated. The existence of noisy machinery means that there is the potential for occupational deafness and in these cases your employer should provide adequate ear protection so that you can prevent this problem from occurring.

Claiming Your Compensation

If you once worked in a job with loud noises and you are now deaf or are experiencing problems with your hearing then you may still be able to seek compensation from your former employers. There are time limits over such matters, but these usually start from when you first found about the injury or illness. Specifically, this may mean that if you have only found out two years ago that you have industrial deafness caused by a job that you quite five years ago, you should still be able to claim compensation for your injury.

Accidents And Injuries

Accidents and criminal injuries are some other potential causes of deafness or a loss of hearing. If you are struck on the ear then this can cause damage to the tiny bones that help regulate and interpret sound. This may have occurred during an assault, a car accident, or virtually any other type of accident. The ears are delicate and while they remain free from injury more often than not if you have endured any kind of an accident that was not your fault and have now experienced deafness then you could make a claim. The amount of compensation that you will be due will be determined the extent and cause of your deafness.

Stockslegal Deafness Claims

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