Sporting Injuries

Sport is an enjoyable and healthy way to get some exercise, lose weight, and even to meet other people with similar interests to your own. There is some inherent risk of injury when taking part in most sport but if you suffer an injury that was not your fault and that was caused by negligence of another person or party then you may have a right to claim compensation for that injury. Stockslegal can help determine whether negligence exists and can be proven, and we can help win your sports injury claim.

Not All Sports Injuries Are Somebody’s Fault

You should be aware that not all sports injuries arise as a result of negligence and not all are somebody else’s fault. Sports do carry some risks and there are those that allow contact between two participants so injury resulting from a coming together of two people may not mean that compensation is owed either. However, if you have suffered an injury that was not your fault and somebody else is culpable then you may well have the right to claim compensation from them.

Faulty Equipment

Faulty equipment can lead to sports injuries. The equipment may have been faulty when sold, in which case it is usually a faulty product claim, or the sports club or organisation may not have maintained the equipment properly. In the latter case, you may be able to claim from the people that should have been responsible for maintaining the equipment. The playing surface or court should also be kept in similarly good condition and a failure to do this may result in a sporting injury claim too.

Illegal Challenges

It is possible to claim compensation from people that have performed an illegal tackle or challenge. Football tackles can prove extremely dangerous when they go wrong and bones can be broken. Whenever we take part in games like this we have a duty of care to the other players and an intentional, illegal challenge that results in injury may mean that the injured party is able to file a compensation claim against the party responsible for causing the injury.

Where The Incident Occurred

Typically, you can claim compensation regardless of the location where the injury occurred so you may have a case if your injury was sustained at any of the following locations:

  • Work
  • Place of education
  • Private property
  • Public property
  • Professional sports arena
  • Sports club

Healthcare And Rehabilitation

Your primary concern following a sports injury should be rehabilitation. Visit your GP or the hospital depending on the severity for the injury and the pain caused. Attend any healthcare meetings and check-ups and follow up with specialists when required. This can also help identify the extent of the problem and may help with your case at a later date.

Stockslegal Sporting Injury Claims

Contact Stockslegal today on 0800 988 9055 to discuss your sports injury and to determine whether you have a viable compensation case claim or not. We will help with every step of the process from gathering evidence and determining liability to claiming the compensation that you are owed.