Brain Injuries

Brain damage, in its various guises, is often suffered as a result of a head injury. This injury may be incurred following a road traffic accident, a slip or trip, or as a result of criminal injury and the severity and nature of brain injuries means that you must use an experience solicitor or claims specialist to help ensure that you procure the right amount of compensation for your injury.

Serious Injuries

Brain injuries are serious. They can have a lifelong debilitating effect and depending on which area of the brain is injured, they can lead to problems communicating, hearing, or moving. Brain injuries may progressively worsen and they may lead to additional problems. Unfortunately, they can also prove fatal. We can claim compensation on behalf of a relative that has passed away or on your behalf and Stockslegal is experienced in dealing with such cases.

Time Off And Loss Of Earnings

As with any injury, you may need time off to fully recuperate from a head injury or brain injury. This may mean a loss of earnings and more serious brain injuries may mean that you are unable to work again at all. One of the factors that will determine how much compensation you should be owed is how much of a negative effect it has on your life and if you suffer a major loss of earnings then this should be taken into account.

Road Traffic Accidents

Essentially, any knock to the head, even the most seemingly innocuous, can lead to brain injuries and these may be short or long term, or they may be permanent and even fatal. Road traffic accidents are one potential cause of brain injuries. Not only is there considerable force involved in such an accident but there is a lot of movement and jolting which can cause additional damage to the brain. Where the head comes into contact with the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the seat in front there is a greater risk of brain injuries.

Criminal Injuries And Assault

Criminal injuries, such as those caused by an assault, may result in some form of brain injury and this is another area where we at Stockslegal can help pursue a compensation claim. Even if the perpetrator was never found or never identified you are still able to make a claim for compensation. We can help gather evidence, formulate your claim, and fight your case in court to help ensure that you secure the appropriate amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

High Compensation Claims

Brain injuries tend to attract high compensation figures because of the severity of these injuries. Symptoms can be both physical and mental, or a combination of the two, and they can lead to serious problems holding down work or even leading a normal family life. Compensation should reflect these facts and, as such, figures are usually much higher than the average personal injury compensation total.

Stockslegal Brain Injuries Claims

Stockslegal can help formulate your case and ensure that you are claiming an amount that is appropriate to the extent of your injuries. Brain injuries are serious, and can prove fatal, so it is important that you have strong legal backing to help fight your case.

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