Accidents & Illness Abroad

Most of us enjoy regular holidays abroad, whether they are romantic getaways or family adventure excursions and while there may be some element of danger associated with virtually all types of holiday, illness and injury may occur that means you are due compensation. While your holiday insurance may mean that you are reimbursed for the cost of your holiday in some instances and it may even cover you for medical attention you may still be able to claim compensation for the injury or accident and any other loss. Stockslegal can determine whether you have a case and help claim the compensation that you are owed.

Holidays Abroad

Most of us plan and save for holidays abroad all year. A foreign holiday is considered a time to get away from work, spend precious time with the family and loved ones, and unwind without the worries of things like bills and housework. In most instances, we enjoy a great quality and safe holiday but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Accidents and illnesses can occur when we are abroad.

The Perils Of Accidents And Illnesses While Abroad

Suffering an accident or illness abroad can be even more difficult and stressful than when they are suffered at home. It may be necessary to have to deal with language barriers and there have been reported cases recently where a person’s European Health Insurance Card has not been accepted in foreign hospitals. If you intend to make a compensation claim then it can become even more complicated.

Difficulties In Claiming

The distance means that claiming is made more difficult. Different countries have different statutes, limitations, and restrictions on compensation cases too. If you went away as part of a package tour or all inclusive deal then the claims process is simpler but Stockslegal can help even if this is not the case.

Types Of Accident While On Holiday

There are many types of accidents and illnesses that can occur when you are on holiday abroad and these include, but are not limited to:

  • Road traffic accidents and other vehicle based accidents
  • Stomach illnesses and food poisoning
  • Trips, slips, and falls in or around the hotel
  • Accidents in your hotel room
  • Accidents caused by faulty goods provided by your hotel or holiday provider
  • Accidents as a result of poor quality road surfaces

What You Should Do

The most important thing when you suffer an injury or accident abroad is to seek and receive the medical attention you require. Not only will this help ensure expedited recovery but you may not be able to fly or travel if you have not received adequate medical attention. Whether you need to cut your holiday short or extend your stay while waiting for treatment, these types of occurrences may often be included in your compensation claim, as well as compensation for the actual injuries, damage to your belongings, and psychological stress caused by the incident.


Stockslegal is an experienced personal injury law firm and we can help determine whether you have a case. We can fight your case in any country and whether you went away as part of a package deal or on an independent holiday. Call us today on 0800 988 9055 to get the ball rolling and to determine what information is needed.