Burns Injuries

Burns are painful injuries and they can lead to permanent scarring as well as potential damage to the organs. Unfortunately, many victims of severe burns also experience emotional and psychological distress. There are many possible causes of burns and scalds and the resulting injury can vary in severity but Stockslegal can help you claim the compensation that you deserve if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and that caused burns.

Burns Classifications

The size of compensation package that you will be due will be determined by the cause of the accident, any costs that are incurred during your rehabilitation, and the extent of the injury. Burns are generally classified as first, second, or third degree burns. In essence, first degree burns only affect the top layer of skin while second degree burns reach the lower layers. Third degree burns will often burn the skin away and affect the ligaments and tendons underneath the skin.

How Burn Injuries Occur

Anybody that is regularly within the vicinity of a heat source has the potential risk of burn injuries. Burns may be caused by flames or hot surfaces and hot machinery but they can also include injuries caused by hot liquids, gases, and anything else that is hot enough to burn the skin. Precaution should always be taken when working with heat or near heat. It isn’t just people that work within these types of environment and near these risks that suffer the potential of injury of this kind though.

Accidents At Work

Your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you are safe when working. If you regularly work with hot liquids or hot items then you should be trained in how to avoid burn injuries. There should be access to first aid and you should also be provided with all of the necessary safety equipment to help ensure that you do not suffer a burn or scalding injury. If this was not provided and you did receive a burn injury then you may be entitled to claim compensation from your employer or former employer.

Burns From Road Traffic Accidents

Burn injuries, although usually minor, may present following the deployment of an airbag. The airbag is designed to save lives in crashes but it does utilise a small explosive charge when fired. It is possible that faulty products within the car may lead to burn injuries while in a very limited number of cases, it is possible for the vehicle to catch fire or explode after it has been involved in a collision. It may be possible to claim for somebody that caused a road accident, the manufacturers of faulty equipment, or other third parties.

Stockslegal Burns Injuries Claims

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