Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is an industrial injury which most commonly affects those people that work with vibrating machinery or power tools. Symptoms will typically include a tingling in the hands and even a numbness in the fingers. If you are suffering from these symptoms then you may have Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. You should consult a doctor or trained healthcare professional in order that you can start to receive treatment and also so that you can get a diagnosis. Contact Stockslegal and we will help determine whether you have a case to claim compensation for your injury.

Vibration White Finger

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome was commonly referred to as Vibration White Finger because white fingers were the most commonly experienced symptom. Chainsaws, concrete breakers, and pneumatic drills as well as industrial machinery are some of the vibrating items that may lead to a person developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome over time. The injury will not start immediately and it can take years or decades to develop in many patients that suffer from it.

Your Employer’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of any employer to ensure that their employees do not suffer illness or injury caused by their work. Many successful lawsuits have been filed by past employees claiming that they have suffered any of a large number of industrial injuries following their work. While asbestos related diseases may have gained the most media attention in recent years, this is only one area of a potentially complex legal industry. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, which is often referred to as HAVS, is another possible compensation suit.

The Symptoms Of HAVS

While the symptoms of HAVS may start out relatively minor, they can continue to degrade over time and may even lead to permanent disability. Early symptoms include white fingers, which may also feel cold. Fingertips can start to feel numb and you may also have experienced tingling in your fingers. Such symptoms, even when considered relatively minor, may lead to difficulties in sleeping but, worse still, when left they can lead to disability. You may be unable to pick up small objects and it is not uncommon to find that the symptoms worsen during warm weather.

Ensuring Things Don’t Get Worse

The potential degradation of symptoms means that it is vital that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Consult with your doctor and explain your worries, as well as what you believe to be the cause of the problem. Once HAVS has been diagnosed, you should consider claiming compensation through the courts from your employer or former employer. They should have ensured that you were not at risk of suffering injury or illness caused by your work so failing to do so means that you may have the right to claim.

Stockslegal Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Claims

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