Blindness is a devastating and life changing illness; it can range from a partial loss of sight to total blindness in both eyes and, if a relative has suffered from blindness as the result of an accident or injury, then you will have to make changes. Claiming with Stockslegal will provide you with the compensation that is required to make changes to the house and vehicles, pay for specialist equipment, and compensate for a loss of earnings and the extent of injuries suffered.

Life Changes

A loss of sight is a life changing injury that will require many changes to be made to daily life. The home may need to be modified, specialist items purchased, and it is likely to prove impossible to work again. Not only do these changes mean major upheaval but it can also prove very costly to ensure that the injured party enjoys a decent quality of life. This is where personal injury compensation can prove especially vital.

Criminal Injuries

Assault by another person is one possible cause of blindness. The eye is an extremely sensitive part of the body and any level of damage may lead to some degree of blindness. It is important that you have your eyes examined and checked thoroughly if you have been attacked because some injuries may not be evident immediately. Stockslegal can help you claim compensation even in cases where the attacker is unknown or has not been caught.

Hazardous Materials

Certain hazards can prove dangerous to the eyes and may lead to blindness immediately or in the future. Hazardous materials like chemicals can prove extremely dangerous if they get in the eyes and immediate medical attention should be sought. When working with chemicals, an employer should provide adequate safety protection and employees should receive training on how to safely handle the chemicals that are being used.

Industrial Injuries

Other work related illnesses or industrial diseases may lead to blindness too. Welders and people that work with lasers or bright lights may suffer a loss of sight as a result of a single incident or as a result of regular exposure to bright lights. Again, adequate training and safety equipment should always be provided and worn. If you have suffered an injury to the eye as a result of your work then you may have a right to successfully claim compensation from your employer.

Medical Negligence

In rare circumstances, clinical negligence or medical negligence may also lead to blindness in patients. Laser surgery has become commonplace and it is often treated as being a simple and risk free procedure. In reality, the vast majority of cases will prove to be exactly that but accidents can happen and problems may occur. The nature of the treatment means that the patient is in danger of losing their sight if such problems do occur.

Stockslegal Blindness Claims

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