Animal Attack Claims

Typically, when we talk about animal attack claims we are referring to attacks by dogs but there are other types of animal that may attack and cause injury or harm. In a lot of cases you are entitled to make a compensation claim and the size of this claim will be dependent on the type and extent of injury suffered, the situation surrounding the incident, and any additional costs you incur. Animal attacks can be severe and they can leave sufferers emotionally and psychologically scarred as well as physically.

Dog Attack Compensation

There are approximately 4,000 dog attacks in public every single year and this is one area where personal injury compensation claims continue to rise. More and more money is awarded every year to those that have suffered from dog attacks. While dogs are the animal most likely to attack and cause harm, other animals may also attack. Stockslegal can help you claim the compensation you are owed following an attack by any type of animal.

The Owner

It is the legal responsibility of animal owners to ensure that they do not cause injuries to other people. Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act mean that owners of an increasingly large list of breeds of dog are required to keep their pets muzzled when in public. Guard dogs should have an experienced handler and adequate signage should also be placed to ensure that others are aware of their presence.


While many dogs are friendly and loving, there are occasions when they can turn nasty and there are some dogs that are more likely to attack than others. According to figures from the NHS, 6,447 people were admitted to hospital in 2011-2012, which represents a 5.2% rise when compared the year before. More than 1,000 of those admitted were under the age of 10. Injuries to children are also more likely to require reconstructive surgery and may lead to psychological problems, such as a lifelong fear of dogs.

It is possible to claim compensation following many dog bite incidents but the claim is much more likely to be successful if the dog has bitten or shown signs of aggression in the past.

What To Do If You Are Attacked

If you, or a family member has been bitten, then you should first seek the necessary medical attention before contacting the police and reporting the incident. It is helpful to the police and your compensation claim if you can get a name and address of the dog and its owner. Ask around to see if anybody else has endured similar problems with the dog in question because previous aggression will increase your chances of a successful compensation claim. You should also keep a record of medical appointments and any costs incurred as a result of the attack. If the injury is serious and you miss work or a long period of time then keep details of this too.

Stockslegal Animal Attack Claims

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