Whiplash is a common type of personal injury; it is most often suffered during a car crash that results in damage to the soft tissues of the back, neck, and other areas of the body. Whiplash can cause pain and a restriction of movement in the neck, back, and limbs. While it is most commonly associated with car accidents it may also be caused in a sports accident, a slip or trip, or as the result of an assault or attack. Stockslegal can help gather the evidence required and proceed with a whiplash compensation claim on your behalf.

Whiplash Symptoms

Common symptoms of whiplash include pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back. You may also experience some difficulty in moving these areas of the body and both the pain and the difficulties in moving can occur in other areas of the body too. It is common to make a recovery from the symptoms of whiplash in a few days or a couple of weeks but in the worst cases, it can continue and can worsen over the space of years or an entire lifetime.

Car Accidents

Whiplash is the most common form of injury that is suffered as the result of a car accident. Whether you were the driver or passenger, if the car you were travelling in was jolted then so too was your body. While the body can withstand some of this pressure it may suffer pain and other symptoms especially if the car you were travelling in was hit from behind. This causes the head to whip back and forth, causing the injury and resulting in the name of whiplash.

Attacks And Assaults

If you are attacked or are involved in an assault then there is the possibility of enduring some form of injury and whiplash is one such possibility. Where your head undergoes similar movement associated with a car crash, there is the very real possibility that you suffer soft tissue damage. The symptoms of whiplash caused by a physical attack are the same as those caused by car accident so if you experience pain and stiffness of the joints, or even swelling and bruising, then you may have experienced whiplash.

How Much Compensation Will You Get?

It is understandable that you want to know how much compensation you are owed if you have suffered whiplash or other injuries as the result of an accident caused by somebody else. However, every case really is different and the compensation that you are awarded will depend on the type and severity of injury, the cause of the accident, and whether or not you miss an extended period of work. All of these factors and others will help determine how much you are entitled to as compensation.

Stockslegal Whiplash Claims

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