Road Traffic Accidents (RTA Claims)

If you have been involved in any type of road traffic accident that was not your fault then you may have the right to claim compensation from the responsible party. Whether in a car, on a bike, on public transport, or as a pedestrian, you can claim compensation from another person if they were guilty of causing you injury. Road traffic accidents are one of the biggest causes of personal injuries and cases of this nature are common too. At Stockslegal we are experienced in providing legal representation to help victims claim the compensation that they are owed.

Your Safety

Your primary concern should be your own welfare. This may mean moving away from the accident site a little. You should also ensure that the accident is reported and you should call an ambulance if one is required to give you medical attention and take you to hospital. Injuries from road traffic accidents can be severe and the adrenaline that is caused in such circumstances may mean that you are not fully aware of the extent of your injuries straight away.

Gather Evidence, If Possible

Try to gather evidence at the scene. Take down vehicle details including make and model as well as registration numbers and ask for contact details of drivers and others involved. You may also want to consider asking for names, addresses, and contact numbers of any witnesses. Ideally, you will be able to collect details of at least two witnesses, but the more you have the better for your case later.

Injuries And Compensation

The extent of injuries can vary significantly. You may experience cuts and bruises as well as being shaken up, you may suffer whiplash, or you may have broken bones. In the most extreme cases, fatality may occur and you may need to claim compensation on behalf of a relative. Stockslegal can help in all of these cases – the size of compensation will usually be determined by the type and extent of injury with brain damage and head injures typically garnering the largest compensation packages.

Types Of Road Traffic Accidents

There are many ways that you may suffer road traffic accidents and you can claim compensation whether you were:

  • A non-fault driver
  • Passenger
  • Cyclist
  • Pedestrian
  • Public transport user
  • The victim of a hit and run accident


Following the accident your chief concern should be rehabilitation. Ensure that you have any medical care required and visit specialists and healthcare providers as required. You will usually be able to claim back any costs associated with these visits as well as the compensation that you are owed for the injury or injuries that you receive. Damage to your property will also be included in your compensation package so keep receipts for repairs and any replacements that are required.

Stockslegal Road Traffic Accidents Claims

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