Back Injuries

Back injuries are the most common reason for absence from work and 70% of people will suffer from lower back pain, known as lumbago, at some point in their lives. The pain can differ, in terms of severity and how long it lasts, and back pain may be caused by a slip or trip, work accident, or road traffic accident among other ways. You may be entitled to compensation and Stockslegal can help submit your claim and fight your case.

Back Pain

There are different types of back pain and the pain may strike suddenly or build gradually. Similarly, it may last for a few hours or a few weeks. In severe cases, back injuries can lead to permanent disabilities and if your back pain has been caused by an accident that was not your fault then you have a right to claim compensation from the negligent party.

Road Traffic Accidents

Back pain is common following road traffic accidents where your vehicle has been hit from behind. Whiplash can spread right up the back and to the head. Furthermore, a trapped nerve can cause considerable pain too and this may include pain in the arms and legs as well as the back.

Lifting And Handling

Another common cause of back injuries and back pain is lifting and handling heavy objects. Training should be provided to anybody that has to regularly light heavy weights and any appropriate machinery should be provided that will lift the weight for you. If this training or machinery wasn’t provided and you suffer from back injuries as a result you may have the right to claim compensation from your employer.

Slips And Trips

Slips and trips, which may occur anywhere and at any time, may lead to back pain. Slips are commonly caused by wet ground where liquid has not been cleaned up correctly. Trips may occur as a result of uneven surfaces or poor quality flooring. In both cases, the incident may lead to a jarring of the back or any of a range of other back injuries.


Back injuries can be highly debilitating and they can lead to a lot of time off work, when you may be unable to earn money. Your first consideration should be rehabilitation and this will be much more difficult if you are worrying about money and wages. Your compensation should include enough money to cover loss of earnings as well as any costs associated with gaining the appropriate treatment.

The extent of your back injury and how it was caused will determine the likely size of compensation payment. You will need to prove who was responsible for the injury, the loss it has caused, and negligence on the part of the responsible party.

Stockslegal Back Injuries Claims

Stockslegal is a professional personal injury claims specialist and we can deal with any work related injury, road traffic accident, or other personal injury claim for you. If you have been forced to miss work and therefore lose out on earnings, and if you have had to pay towards the cost of rehabilitation in any way then you can claim reimbursement for these as well as compensation for your injuries so contact us today on 0800 988 9055 to start your claim.