Professional Negligence

Whether you are dealing with architects, IT professionals, or solicitors, you have a right to expect a certain level of professionalism and service. Where you incur some form of loss as a result of negligence on the part of a professional you have a right to claim compensation and while the legal area of professional negligence can be considered a complex one, Stockslegal can help you navigate your way through the complexities and ensure you have the best possible chance of successfully bringing a case.

A Duty Of Care

One of the first considerations in a professional negligence is to prove that the professional in question had a duty of care. This is usually one of the easier aspects to prove but it does require that you show evidence. Where you have paid a professional for a particular service, it should not prove too difficult for you to show that there was a duty of care.

Proving A Breach Of Duty

The more complex area of professional negligence claims lies in proving that there was some negligence or breach of duty on the part of the professional. Essentially, it will be necessary to prove that the professional did not provide a service or meet their duty of care in keeping with a competent member of their profession. This is the area that will usually take the time and require more complex investigations than the rest of your negligence claim.

Proving Financial Loss

Finally, it is also necessary to show that you suffered some form of loss as a result of this breach of duty. Enduring a poor service does not necessarily mean that you have a right to claim compensation but you will need to show that you suffered financial loss. There is still recourse if you have endured poor service without financial loss, but this will usually require contacting the Ombudsman or regulatory service that oversees the profession concerned.

Professionals That May Be Found Negligent

Some of the professionals that may be found to have been negligent in their duty of care include:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Barristers
  • Financial advisers and professionals
  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors

Solicitor Negligence

If you have suffered professional negligence at the hands of your current solicitor then you not only have the right to find a new solicitor but, if you have suffered financial loss as a result and this can be proven, then you also have the right to claim compensation. Stockslegal will discuss your original case and your professional negligence case with you to determine the possibility of claiming compensation.

Stockslegal Professional Negligence Claims

As well as taking negligible action, professionals may also cause loss through inactivity and if this has happened to you then you also have the right to claim compensation. There are time limits in place for such cases so contact Stockslegal today on 0800 988 9055 if you believe you have a valid case and we will discuss the details. We will ascertain whether you do have a case and the best possible course of action to help ensure that you can claim the compensation that you are owed.