Maintaining Healthy Work Life Balance Can Reduce Work Related Illnesses

Occupation health expert Dr Paul Fletcher has said that one of the keys to ensuring that an employee remains happy while at work is to maintain a positive work life balance. He also went on to say that ensuring a person remains happy and healthy while at work is not just down to the employer, although they obviously have a role to play in ensuring that employees are not at increased risk of illness or injuries.

Industrial illnesses and work related injuries cost British business billions of pounds every single year. In fact, figures from the HSE reveal that they are costing more than £13bn a year and this excludes figures for those that suffer from work induced cancer.

The most common form of work related illness is that of work related stress. 40% of work related illnesses are stress and the related problems that go hand in hand with elevated stress levels. Stress really can prove a killer and when somebody becomes stressed they are more prone to illnesses and other diseases which can further increase the healthcare cost as well as the total man hours lost to work related illnesses.

Dr Fletcher of IMASS says that while it is important that employers provide a healthy and safe environment for people to work in, it is important that employees take on some of the responsibility themselves. “You know your body and state of mind best” and he went on to say that the best approach is to “share your medical conditions with your employer – if you keep them in the dark, they can’t help you.”

The average person spends a lot of their waking hours in the workplace and this not only means that the workplace itself should be kept safe and healthy but it also means that people should be more inclined to look after their own health while in the workplace. However, it doesn’t always work out this way.

For those employees that do fall ill or suffer a workplace accident it is possible to claim compensation from an employer if negligence can be proven on their part.


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