Health And Safety Executive To Make Accident Reporting Easier

The Health and Safety Executive has announced a number of proposed changes to the way that accidents at work are reported. They say that the changes will save businesses £5.9m over the next 10 years and make it easier for organisations to report accidents, cutting red tape, but critics are concerned that some of the changes may lead to reduced health and safety in the workplace. One of the changes would see a reduction in the requirement to report near misses.

Figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that 1.1 million people were suffering from a work related illness in 2011/2012 and that there were 172 fatalities recorded during this period. They also estimate that workplace injuries and ill health cost society £13.4bn.

Health and Safety laws are often derided by many. When filing a report, a business currently has to choose between a selection of 47 different workplace illnesses – under the proposed changes this figure would be reduced to eight industrial illness categories and a shorter list of major injuries to select from.

Furthermore, the changes would also mean that fewer types of near misses, or dangerous occurrence would actually need reporting.

The HSE has said that the proposed changes would lead to considerably less paperwork and red tape on the part of businesses and health and safety representatives. They say that the cuts would save businesses £5.9m over the next ten years but, while the changes are broadly supported, there are critics that believe they should be approached with a degree of caution.

Paul Kimpton, the Building Safety Group managing director, has said that the changes are broadly welcomed but that the HSE should be cautious over making the changes. In particular he highlighted the reduction in reporting near misses saying that they are a valuable source of information and a means of reducing the risk of injuries and industrial illnesses in the future.

The new changes have yet to receive parliamentary approval but are set to go ahead in October 2013 if approval is granted. Changes may be witnessed before the final regulations are agreed and implemented.


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