Banned motorists face a decade behind bars for fatal accidents

The government has unveiled plans for tougher punishments for banned drivers, including 10 years’ imprisonment for those who are responsible for a fatal accident while driving when disqualified. This is a rise from the current maximum two-year term.

Another law is to be introduced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to penalise motorists who’ve been banned from driving with four years behind bars if they become responsible for causing serious injury.

Both new penalties form part of broader proposals to make sure that motorists who pose a danger to the lives of others on the road face harsher punishments and have to spend more time in prison.

The move follows government consultation with victims’ families, with the changes set to be introduced in 2015.

Among the other target for the reforms are those who get behind the wheel without proper insurance, or a proper driving license.

Mr Grayling said: “We wanted to send out a very clear message that any driver who decides to drive when they have been banned and so shouldn’t be on the road will face far tougher penalties.”

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan, while broadly supporting the coalition’s plans, said he was concerned that there would not be sufficient room in the UK’s jails to cope with all the offenders adequately.

The proposed changes serve as a useful reminder of the option you have to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation if you are involved in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own.

That could include collisions in which a banned or uninsured motorist was responsible, as well as those involving someone who was simply behaving negligently on the road.

In most cases, not only do you need to be able to prove you were not to blame, but the incident needs to have taken place within the last three years.

The amount of personal injury compensation awarded can vary greatly, and will depend on a number of variable factors. But you can maximise your chances by seeking the support of a reputable firm of personal injury solicitors to help you pursue your claim.

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